Birol ÇÜN 40. sanat yılı karikatür sergisi. 20 Şubat - 17 Mart 2018. Konak Belediyesi Neşe ve Karikatür Müzesi, İzmir.......... Yener ÇAKMAK karikatürleri sergisi. 10 Şubat-06 Mart. Karikatür Evi, Kadıköy.......... Muhittin KÖROĞLU ve Raşit YAKALI. Söyleşi 24 Şubat Cumartesi, 15:00, Karikatür Evi, Kadıköy.......... 'Terörizmin Sonu' karikatür yarışması yeni son tarih 1 Mart 2018, Tahran, İran........... 'Bizim Gazete' 18 Şubat 2018 Sayısı. PDF >.......... Ahmet Ümit AKKOCA karikatür sergisi. 3-28 Şubat 2018, İBB karikatür ve Mizah Merkezi, İstanbul.......... Cartoon Colors'a Haberlerinizi,..... Karikatürlerinizi,..... Portre Çizimlerinizi gönderebilirsiniz,..... Duyuru ve Reklamlarınız için irtibat kurabilirsiniz..

2017 Uluslararası En İyi Mizah Sanatçısı Ödülü Sonuçları

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2nd Manga CPO Award, Japan

Any theme or genre.. Manga must be a one-shot story.. No longer than 30 pages in total Must be a completed work (scripts and rough drafts will not be accepted).. No designated page order (pages can be ordered from left to right, right to left, or vertically).. Entry Period: January 12th - March 31st 2018 (JST)..

The creativity of your manga will shape the future!

The creativity of your manga will shape the future!
The MCPO AWARD was previously held in 2016 and 2017 and received a great deal of submissions.
Now it’s back once again! We encourage people from all over the world to send in their work to the manga and illustration sections for the 2nd MCPO AWARD.
This time there are even more chances for previous winners to show off their stuff.
New prizes are also available which has increased your chances of winning an award!
We want everyone to turn their passion into something amazing and send us their best work.

What is the MCPO AWARD?
We think that the outstanding manga and illustrations that we have are like “content seeds
that will grow in connection with animation, games, and a variety of other media. The MCPO AWARD was created to find the next generation of creators and produce new “content seeds”.

Our hope is that this contest will be the start of a content business that goes beyond all borders. We look forward to your submissions.
The last thing that we’d like to say is a sincere thank you to MediBang and all of the people who helped to make this collaboration possible. 
Thank you very much.
MCPO Executive Committee

Manga Section
We want to receive manga that move us! Think of manga that include things like first encounters, exciting moments and ambition!

Grand Prize- ¥300,000 and Worldwide Publication!
Excellence Award-  ¥200,000 
Distinction Award-  ¥100,000 
Special Prize- GANMA! Prize: Published on the GANMA! website

Submission Details
1- Any theme or genre
2- Manga must be a one-shot story
3- No longer than 30 pages in total
4- Must be a completed work (scripts and rough drafts will not be accepted)
5- No designated page order (pages can be ordered from left to right, right to left, or vertically)

Entry Period: January 12th - March 31st 2018 (JST)

Illustration Section
Grand Priz- ¥150,000 and Worldwide Publication!
Excellence Award- ¥100,000 
Distinction Award- ¥50,000

Submission Details:
1- Any theme or genre
2- Must be in JPG or PNG format (Max. File Size: 30 MB

Entry Period: January 12th - March 31st 2018 (JST)
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